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As a first time home buyer you should be very careful when entering into a

After you have signed the SALES CONTRACT and have paid your earnest money to the seller, you are
obligated to fulfill every part of the contract.

Therefore it makes more sense to have REPRESENTATION through a

This way, a real estate agent is making sure that, first, you don’t pay too much for your house. Second,that the seller fulfills all of his/her obligations. Next, the real estate agent will ensure that the closing attorney recieves all the pertinent information needed to close the purchase and finally, the sale will be properly recorded in the court house of the county in which the property is located.

There are many other advantages to get a real estate agent involved when you decided to buy your first house. Like finding the right house for you !!

And best of all - it is a FREE service for you.

So let me work for you

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